Hit Mit


Hit Mit Sport


The Hit Mit Paddle Game is an easy-to-learn hybrid game between paddle ball and hand ball. A unique take on racket sports, the Hit Mit paddle, made of lightweight EVA foam, is a one-size-fits-all mitt worn like a glove, making your hand the paddle. Learning ball control and coordination has never been so simple! Hit Mit is a fun way to exercise with anyone, anywhere, anytime! It’s great for all ages and skill levels whether it’s with the family or friends, indoors or outdoors, on the beach or in the pool (it floats!), and even at a tailgate party. Includes two Hit Mits, two balls, and a mesh bag for easy transport.

The Hit Mit Sport paddle is one inch longer than the original Hit Mit, for increased speed and more intense play. Show off your athleticism with Hit Mit Sport, which comes with two paddles, two balls, and an additional oversized ball in a mesh bag for you to challenge anyone, anywhere, anytime!


Fun for all ages

Waterproof, it floats!

One size fits all

Safe for indoor play